JBJ Automatic Top Off Water Level Controller for Aquarium

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JBJ Automatic top off unit which allows you to keep consistant levels of water in your tank.

Each Automatic Top Offf Unit Water Leveler Includes

  • Controller
  • Bracket Holder
  • Float switch sensor

The new Automatic Top off unit by JBJ comes a variety of items to make managing your fish tank water levels.
Why is maintaining proper water levels important in an aquarium?

Water will evaporate from your saltwater and freshwater fish tank throughout the day.  If you are running a protein skimmer it will decrease efficiency of the remval of excess protien in your tank.

The JBJ ATO will allow you to maintain a constant level of water as well as salinity in your tank once set up.  You should pump water to the top of your tank not your sump due to gravity. 


  • Equipped with two float sensors that activated with in seconds when your water level drops
  • Refills your sump or tank in your aquarium to reaches your set point
  • Electronic controller allows for two modes of operation with a total of three different set up scenarios
  • Works with both freshwater and saltwater
  • ASIN B001JK70K8