Jbj Chiller Questions

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We occasionally get some good questions on aquarium set up of a chiller and other spec info.

SIZING the Chiller:  Our 300 gallon aquarium reef tank is kept at a temperature between 75 and 79 degrees Fahrenheit . Your specs say a 1HP only cools a 260 gallon tank (at 59 degrees), and you  therefore recommend a 2 or 3 HP Chiller.   I believe a 1 HP-220V chiller  would be more than adequate if we want to maintain the temperature at 75 to 79 F.  Am I correct or not understanding something about sizing. Is the 1 HP model the correct one to purchase for my needs? – Commercial Chillers specs say 260 gallons for running a cold water environment.  For your desired temp requirements(tropical) – a 1hp is more than capable.  In fact I would even say a 1/2hp would do the trick.  But depending on enviroments – ambient temps, equipment – 1/2hp is on the border.  When you are almost at the cut off  - I always recommend to one size higher.  Here is a link to our chiller sizing calculator. - http://jbjlighting.com/temperature/chillerSize.php 


2) TEMP CONTROL:  Is the temp control sensor internal to the unit and not an additional part that has to be purchased.

The temp probe is internal – built into to the heat exchanger.

3)  220 V unit:  Does the unit come with a standard plug or does it have to be specially wired to match the receptacle?

The 220V unit does not come with a plug – you can get these at any hardware store.  Washer/Dryer 220v plug will be fine.

4)  CONNECTIONS:  Are all the connections and hosing included with the unit (excluding the connections to the pump)?  Is there a max distance the chiller can be from the sump box?

You will receive all the 2 compression fittings to plumb the chiller.  There is not a max distance the chiller can be from the sump.  As long as your pump can push the minimum flow rate to and from the chiller you should be fine.