Commercial Chillers

These are large industrial chillers for big applications such as fish rooms.

Larger Sized Coolers

If you are looking to cool large bodies of water such as lobster tank cooling or vats for commercial application these are the best chillers on the market.

1 Year Warranty

JBJ warranties all commercial aquarium fish tank and lobster chillers  or coolers for 1 full year from the date of purchase.

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2 HP Commercial Chiller 220 V

These are the larger size commercial chillers that we offer.

They only come as 220 V.


1 1/2 Hours/P Industrial Water Cooled Chiller 230 V

1 1/2 h/p Industrial Water cooled chiller 220v boasts some impressive specs. DA-1500

1H/P Industrial Aquarium Chiller 230 V

This is a pretty big guy go keep the water cool on many applications for the home user. The larger size chillers we offer an affordable price.

1/hp Jbj Chiller 230 V

1 HP Arctica Commercial Series Titanium Aquarium Chiller 230V by JBJ

1/2 Hp Commercial Chiller Large Tank 115 V

For the very large size freshwater or marine reef systems. 1/2 hp commercial chillers by JBJ and Transworld aquatics are ideal for larger size cooling applications of freshwater and saltwater systems. Great for cooling the water of lobster tanks as well.

JBJ 1/2HP Arctica Aquarium Chiller, 115V

Jbj Aquarium 1/2 HP Aquarium Commercial Chiller  Offer Ends This Week

JBJ 3 HP 230V Commercial Arctica Titanium Chiller

JBJ 3 HP 230V Commercial Arctica Titanium Chiller