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Jbj Aquarium Chillers, promoting the Transworld aquatics saltwater and freshwater fish tank.  
We offer reef products including recirculating water cooled JBJ Chillers Arctica , thermoelectric units, Lighting,  ATO, aquarium bulbs, replacement parts and the Nano Cube aquarium.  With a price BEAT Policy that will leave your fish tank cool! 

AQUARIUM CHILLERS on sale keeping water cooler.  A large variety of mini, home 1/10 h/p jbj chiller to 1/5 horsepower all the way through commercial and industrial hydroponic water chillers such as the 1 hp and the 3 hp from pet stores to huge lobster breeding vats.  We offer wholesale pricing of JBJ Aquarium Chillers to qualified stores.

Why you need a Commercial titanium jbj chiller?

JBJ aquarium chillers are in-line  and they know that keeping your fish tank or lobster tank or hydroponic plants is vital to the breeding and life cycle of all livestock and are great for nano cube aquariums. what ends up happening is the constant fluctuating water temperature especially in the air temp in summer months can wreck havoc on a freshwater or marine aquarium.  These changes in water quality can cause stress on the fish that can cause fish disease such as ick spores to develop or other problems that will make you need water testers.  These temperature fluctuations also can cause your reef corals and frags and plants to experience erratic growth patterns or worse die off unexpectedly.  Smaller tanks such as nanocubes or picotopes experience these changes in the smaller bodies of water the quickest.  These titanium units rock.

Price Beat Promise on all supplies

Such as ato automatic top off units  great for sumps Fish tanks, lighting and nano cubes,
Current saltwater aquarium chiller specials for nanocubes.

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Artica Chillers Advanced Features

Arctica allow you to keep your reef tank at a constant water temperature resulting in better health and stability of all aquarium
inhabitants while greatly reducing the growth of nuisance algae. 

How to use an in-line jbj aquarium chiller to keep your saltwater fish tank water cooler. 

Buying one size larger than the manufacturer specifications,mean jbj chillers your will not have to work as hard, or run as often, to keep your saltwater or freshwater at the desired tank temperature.  It is like a car you would rather run it easy some of the time than hard all the time.


These in-line in-line marine aquatic chillers are easily installed by placing a submersible pump in your sump that pumps water through the unit and back to either the sump or the aquarium.  Best deal we sell what we call a installation kit that includes the tubes and hoses that should have you running in minutes.  Don't listen to the hype that you must run plumbing as that from the past. Best Hydroponic Chiller.

I should mention/air cooling is very important so you need space about 1 inch around your unit to allow a good flow of air movement.

Ways to say cool if you are in a bind. Misting and ice cubes and fans provide a nice breeze and work great in the summer months.

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