Doing a static test to determine Aquarium Chiller Issues

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There are many factors that may affect the cooling performance of your JBJ Arctica chiller. In order to determine the cause we recommend the following: • Perform Static Test • Read FAQ s • Contact us for further assistance

Aquarium Chiller Static Test

Performing a Static Test will allow the Jbj chiller to operate without any external factors such as heat load from equipment, volume load of water capacity, or pump water flow. The main purpose of this test is to establish that the controller, relay,  fan motor, compressor, and temp probe are in working order without being linked to the actual tank set up.


Step 1

Turn off the pump that pushes water through the chiller

This test only requires the small amount of water already within the heat exchanger.


Step 2

Program the controller to 60F for the set point

Press the up or down arrow and hold until the number starts to blink, then release and press the down arrow until the temperature on the controller reads 60F and then release. It will blink and then the temperature will show a solid color. It is now set to 60F; it will take approximately 5 minutes or less for a functioning chiller to bring the temp down to 60F due to the small amount of water volume in the heat exchanger.


Step 3

Observe Components Operation

A.   Controller:: The “Cool lamp indicator on the controller should be blinking. This means the controller will send the command to the relay to turn on the fan motor and compressor after about 2 minutes. The “Cool” lamp will illuminate and stop blinking at this time.

B.   Relay: Verify that the fan motor & compressor turns on when the “Cool lamp is illuminated solid.

C.   Fan Motor: Place your hand behind the rear of the chiller exhaust. Verify that there is air flow and that the temperature of the air flow after a few minutes is warm not cool.

D.   Compressor: Place your hand on the top of the chiller and verify you can feel a slight vibration from the compressor.

E.   Temp Probe: Verify that the temperature on the controller is not eradicate and is dropping in temp not rising.