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JBJ MINI Nano Arctica Chiller

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The JBJ Mini Aquarium Artica Chiller is rated for aquariums up to 40 gallons.

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Now this bad boy comes with the Upgraded Digital controller Free included with the item

Great for the 24 and 28 nano cubes and current  small tanks.

Model # HP Capacity (BTU/hr) Volts Amps Flow Rate (gph) (min/max) Dimensions (WxDxH) Weight (lbs)
DBI-050-D 1/15 900 115 2.00 110/160 7.7” x 12.6” x 14.1” 28.66

Enhancing the Nano Experience
JBJ introduces the redesigned, revolutionary MINI Arctica Chiller! Finally, there is a REAL long-term solution for heat concerns in Nano environments with amazing cooling capablities beyond thermal-electric and fans, that produce less than minimal results.

The Mini-Arctica 1/15 Hp handles up to 40g aquariums. Don't be fooled by the smaller size; it's driven by an energy-efficient 1/15 Hp compressor that can drop temperatures beyond anything comparable on the market.

A Tradition of Excellence
You can rest assured that this smaller compact version incorporates the same high performance and reliable day-to-day operations as our #1 selling aquarium chillers, commercial chillers, and custom OEM projects with the premium Arctica branded name.

Screening Process
All chillers require clean airflow to achieve optimal efficiency. We've now made it easier with a removable screen for quick and easy cleaning.

A New Generation
The industry's first Mini Chiller that utilizes a nano compressor for maxium cooling capacity. The Arctica Minin Chillers, simply put, OUTPERFORM thermal electric/peltier equipment since it utilizes R-134-A refrigerant gas to drop temperatures with ease. Truly the BENCHMARK of mini chillers!

Quiet, Please
We know noise is a concern, so we've designed the chiller with that in mind. The Mini Arctica Series have the lowest noice and vibration levels in its class.

Digital Controller
Is equipped with an integrated digital temperature controller and probe with a +/- 1F difference from the set point. Simply set the desired temperature and the controller will do the rest automatically.

•Temperature Setting Range: 32-99F
•Smart Memory Chip
•Calibration Feature
•Constant Digital Temperature Read Out
Style & Elegance
Designed for in-home use, with a contemporary style and luxury finish. An added welcome to any room in the house without the commercial look.

Size Matters
The smallest footprint in the Arctica line-up. The Mini series only require a 7.72" x 12.6" space for placement.

Chiller Specifications:

Model #:


Horse Power:


Tank Capacity:

40 US Gallons





Heat Exchanger:





28.66 lbs


110 Volts


39 DBI


+/_ .5 Degrees One of the Best Chillers